Nas to drop a J Dilla album

For those that didn’t know, Nas founded a record label called ‘Mass Appeal’ which he started in 2014. Now read on….This record label is planning to release J Dilla’s ‘The Diary’ in conjunction with PayJay.Nas discussed this forthcoming project on Beats 1 Radio recently. ‘The Diary’ will include many big names from the industry: Snoop Dogg, Pete Rock and Madlib are just a few cats that have been mentioned. 

In October 2015, Nas previewed a J Dilla produced track called ‘The Season’ with him spitting over a JD Donuts track ‘Gobstopper’.

J Dilla’s popularity among non Hip-Hop heads, is growing year on year, mainly in part to Dilla month (February) which takes place across the globe, in many major cities. 

The Detroit born Producer/Rapper passed away in 2006 due to complications from lupus. He had worked with many greats: A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, The Roots and Common, to name just a few.

Jay Dee had intentions to release ‘The Diary’ in 2002. It is believed to be the final collection of unissued material from the Dilla vaults. But knowing his work ethic, I wouldn’t be surprised, if more of his beats come to the fore over the next few years.

Peep the track list below:

1. The Introduction

2. The Anthem feat. Frank & Dank

3. Fight Club feat. Nottz & Boogie

4. The Shining Pt. 1 (Diamonds) feat. Kenny Wray

5. The Shining Pt. 2 (Ice)

6. Trucks

7. Gangsta Boogie feat. Snoop Dogg & Kokane

8. Drive Me Wild

9. Give Them What They Want

10. The Creep (The O)

11. The Ex feat. Bilal

12. So Far

13. Fuck The Police

14. The Diary

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