DJ Honda interview with William Hernandez! 

Check this dope interview by brother Willima Hernandez with the legendary DJ Honda. It was in 2007. Yo, we diggin’ in the vaults!

What have you been up to lately?

DJ Honda: Right now I’m working on a new album and I’m working on a documentary called Reasons. It’ll be from 1998 to 2005 almost ten years (laughs). Basically focusing on the new album.

This is the Honda part IV right?

DJ Honda: Yes

What happened to part III?

DJ Honda: Part III was only released in Japan. H I and H II were on Sony and after H 2; I was out. It’ll be out March twenty something. I’m independent. I know the music stuff, but I don’t know business. Open up a studio, office, lawyers all that takes time. But I’m ready. I’m done with H 3 but it was only released in Japan not in the States. What artists are you featuring on the H IV?

DJ Honda: PMD, Garcia, PM from here Miami. Juggaknots, Sean Price, DJ Q Bert. I’ve done like forty to fifty songs total. (laughs) We’re going to videos for all the songs now. Because it’s easy on the computer to edit.

How did you get with Garcia?

DJ Honda: Through DJ Rob Dinero. He’s up in the room. He connected me with him.

Opera Steve: DJ Rob Dinero spins a lot down in Miami and he has the connections with the artists.
I read a couple of years ago you were doing an album with Infamous Mobb?

DJ Honda: Yeah it’s done! We have it. We just don’t drop it yet. I have PMD album part II finished. Infamous Mobb album finished. I just have to make sure it’s exposed right. We just need a system. We just did. We just need a system like a corporate system. Now we’re ready. Make sure H IV is right; never stop. The next album will be five years no way. Maybe six months later the other one; every month new stuff.

It’s going to be through DJ Honda recordings?

DJ Honda: Yes and the recording catalog.

Talk to me about your clothing company?

DJ Honda: I do the clothing because I like it; everything from hats, t shirts to underwear. (laughs)

Are you still DJing?

DJ Honda: Yeah of course! Not only shows. I do show for example PMD has a show. I go with him as his show DJ.

Do you use Serato?
DJ Honda: I have Serato final scratch. But I don’t use it yet. I’m going to. For some DJ battle or some shit. No way. I use vinyl. (laughs)

How did you get into Hip Hop back in Japan?

DJ Honda: I DJed first and I studied music. I worked at a club and started DJing. I was 18 years old. At that time there was no Hip Hop only Disco. Then I saw a lot of Hip Hop stuff coming up like Grandmixer DST. After Wild Style hmmm it’s new but I don’t know. After seeing Rock It Herbie Hankcock’s shit it blew my mind oh my God! I was with a band and I said fuck that shit. I’m going solo. (laughs) After I saw DST I said that’s it no more talking fuck that; scratch! (laughs) Next thing you know. I’m watching videos, listening to records to learning how to scratch and cut little by little.

I read you were also involved with the Zulu nation?

DJ Honda: I was mixing though. I met everybody Afrika Bambatta, Grandmaster Melle Mel, everybody. This was around 1991, 1992.

This was around the time you decided to move to New York?
DJ Honda: I moved to New York around 1993 or 1994.

On your Greatest Hits mix CD you had DJ Aladdin of Low Profile/Rhyme Syndicate on a song. How did get with DJ Aladdin?

DJ Honda: DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Cash Money, DJ Aladdin those were my favorites (chuckles). They mostly had skills. I’m happy anything they do. When I went to LA I was with Ice T and the Rhyme Syndicate. I’m right there next to Ice T (imitates DJ Aladdin) “Yo man, we’re working together. I like you” (laughs). I had a studio on Hollywood and Vine. He used to come to my studio everyday; DJ Aladdin. Sleep there, woke up and clean and worked on music for two years.

Are you still working with Blackattack?

DJ Honda: I don’t know. When he’s ready I’m ready. He has some family stuff to deal with. We have over 100 songs done. We’ve been working together since 1995, 1996. Since then we recorded a lot of songs; I’m ready but he’s not ready.

How did you hook up with Keith Murray for song Hai! That was on the H II album?

DJ Honda: First I had Redman on the H album; Then PMD. Keith Murray was always around them. (Chuckles) I would go to Erick’s (Sermon) house he was there. I go to see EPMD he’s there. It was just a relationship.

Talk to me about your documentary Reasons you’re working on?

DJ Honda: It’s about my music, my life. Kind of like “Behind the Music” type shit. All the people I’ve dealt with that have known me throughout my career here in America and in Japan. From DJ’s, emcees, dancers are going to be interviewed. I started this in 2001. Too many stories and we have a lot of footage. Part 1 from the early 80s when I started to DJ to 1992. Then when I signed to Sony that’s part 2; then why I moved to New York that’s part 3. When I did the second album that’s part 4, etc; coming out soon this year I hope.
Big up our HHBITD family crew member William Hernadez for hooking this up??

For more info on DJ Honda go to his site

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