DMX overdose 

DMX was found unconscious in a parking lot in Yonkers on Monday 8th February due to an overdose. X’s people have reported it as an “asthma attack.” A witness told police that the legendary rapper ingested “some sort of powder” before he fell unconscious. He was treated with an overdose antidote and is currently in stable condition in hospital. 

Police reportedly found X not breathing and with no pulse at a Ramada Inn in Yonkers around 6 p.m. Responding officers performed CPR to help him regain his pulse. 

The rapper, who has asthma, denies taking any drugs. He says he’s been short of breath since a recent bout of bronchitis. A family member says the rapper asked for his inhaler immediately before collapsing. DMX’s attorney says the rapper has recovered since Monday’s incident.
We wish X a speedy recovery! 

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