Ghostface Killah/Doom collab & Wu-Goo!

According to Ghostface Killah, MF DOOM wants to release a joint album in February. This exciting project was mentioned on In addition to collaborating with DOOM, one of Shaolin’s finest also divulged a few projects he’s currently working on, and some other joints he expects to complete in 2016.

Ghostface revealed that MF Doom wants to release their joint project in February 2016. The album is tentatively titled ‘DOOMStarks’, and has been in the works for over a decade.


One such project is a follow up to ‘Supreme Clientele” which the Wu rapper said he’s currently “finishing up.” I personally can’t wait for this y’all.

“Finishing up my Supreme Clientele,” Ghostface Killah said. “That’s gonna be a monster. To all real rap heads, that’s gonna be a monster. I’m proud of that project. I just hope every sample gets cleared. And then they’ll see what I’m talking about. I just got a bunch of things going on. This Wu-Goo project. We got music on this Wu-Goo project right here. We gonna be releasing every month…I talked to Doom people. Doom is ready now…So, he said he wants to drop that in February. He said he wants to drop that in February.”

Ghostface also offered details on one of his newest projects, Wu-Goo. “Wu-Goo, for those that don’t know, it’s the new Dynamite Stix,” he said. “You got the hash oils inside the stick. Real clean oils…But basically it’s the pen…We got the best scientists behind it. Especially with the Speakeasy. The best weed. The best oils. It’s clean. It ain’t dirty. It’s organic. And I think we can make a lot of noise here with this. With this new product we got. I think it’s gonna be the next step.”

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