OG Kid Frost battling cancer

Arturo Molina Jr, aka Kid Frost is fighting for his life. It’s reported that he is battling cancer, and is having daily treatments at a Los Angeles hospital.  

The type of cancer that the 51 year old Cali rapper has, hasn’t been disclosed, but may be linked to diabetes, as in one Instagram post, he encourages his fans to keep a close eye on their health by stating:
“You can say what you want to say if you have a family member or know somebody who has gone through anything like this then don’t avoid or dodge a potential bullet go get checked! One thing I want to do is educated little bit from my experience and now we’re about to go into the battle royale this is no joke. I’m hurting inside for wasting so much time and now as I get older and have a real strong desire to live for these babies and the kids the devil want to hand me a monkey wrench.
Diabetes is not what’s going to take me under it’s going to be the ailments and the kicker is from having diabetes you won’t be able to heal from any other diseases like cancer and such…I know a lot of the s— right now kid frost Diabetes Awareness foundation wake up call like I said go get checked it takes nothing if you haven’t been to the doctor in a while to have a physical and go check yourself out.”

Frost is best known for his hit single ‘La Raza’ and also signing to Eazy E’s Ruthless Record label. He is a West Coast pioneer, in particular in the Latin community as he brought more exposure to bilingual Emcees. 

Here at HHBITD we’re dropping a prayer for the Latino O.G – do the same readers! 

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