Knowledge does reign supreme!

Now, if you’ve never seen the mighty KRS One live in action, I would urge you, by all means necessary, to do so. He has performed twice this year in London, and so this show was his third event. 

Real Hip-Hop was in the house at the Jazz Cafe on Sunday 9th August 2015. The Camden crowd witnessed a truly special night: it was even more memorable because it was a jam to celebrate the birthday of KRS’s son, DJ Predator Prime, aka KRS Two.  

One thing the young DJ has learnt from his father is how to hype the crowd up. A packed dance floor was treated to one classic track, after another. Prime even dropped some RnB joints for the ladies too. All in all, he paved the way and the set the tone for his legendary pops to take centre stage. The show was one for the memory books. KRS One owned the stage. He was energetic, passionate and loud. Not too many Emcees sound great live, but he’s the exception to the rule. 

Knowledge Reigns Supreme! He not only kicked his trademark tracks, he dropped a lot of knowledge that was inspirational, motivational and relevant too.  As always, he found time to ink his signature on ticket stubs, cd covers and record sleeves. 
Big up KRS One for an epic show. Just as epic was his departure: he jumped into the crowd and naturally got mobbed. With mic in hand, while rapping, he cleverly navigated himself towards the exit, taking pics and selfies with his fans on route! Only The Teacha could get away with this – salute.  

Shout out to brother Jonny for the pics too!!   

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