Mongo – ‘The Feels’


Hip-Hop Back In The Day member Mr Fix tracked down Itchy Town legend Mongo who breaks down his latest release ‘The feels’ EP.

This EP is Full of reflection. Reflection of self, others and environment.  At the time of recording some of these tracks I had lost some friends. Characters who where always big in life.

This EP is probably not what people or even I was expecting but here it is….



1. No Runnin (Produced by Jonny Capicola).

As the hook says  “You can’t be runnin away from yaself“.  I suppose this tracks a brief historical glimpse that could help a listener fill the gaps of where I’ve been since you last heard me on a track. No Runnin is an acceptance of me if you will and a nice singalong for the people.

2. Thankful ( feat. Greg Blackman.  Produced by LRD)

Written in 2015 Thankful is quite simply a song for my best friend, my lover and my lady. It’s me Saying thank you for the twenty years we’ve been together.  Thankful is a true heartfelt appreciation for all She has endured.  It’s me showing gratitude through music. A celebration of us and our family.

3. 2GD4EM /Too good for em (feat. Greg Blackman.  Produced by Sims)

At times this track was/is difficult for me to listen to.  It documents my life perfectly.  The Hustling, the violence, the people I’ve lost due to death and drug addiction and that street shit.  It speaks of the way people changed and how I did for self by myself.  The lifestyle acquired through certain activities I was involved in and how I situated myself for the betterment of me and mine.  The chorus Greg laid was beautiful.  It’s pain, it’s power, its closure, it’s perfect.  He really listened and heard what I was speaking of when I sent him the track.  He did it justice.

4. White Lies  (Produced by Formz)

It’s a double entendre and it’s not, but it is.  Maybe it’s a triple entendre.  Enjoy it .

5.Cemetery Road  (feat. Sniff ,CWJones.  Produced by Formz)

A great close the EP with some artists that I respect highly.

All artist on this EP spear courtesy of Shadow Player Records. Special thanks to Daniel Lerner (Rock-it science engineering )

The Feels is available from shadow player records

There are still some signed cassettes available

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