Radio Shows

Check the ‘HIP-HOP BACK IN THE DAY‘ radio show 7 times a week. 

We believe in our motto of ‘Preserve the culture’ and so we spin those golden era goodies seven times a week on radio.

Two of our shows are done live in London, England – Westside every Sunday and Itch FM every Monday.

Here are the remaining shows:

We are super proud to join the legendary Pharcyde on their Pharcyde TV platform. Vibesolate FM is a station founded in England by our very DJ Trix. We also have one radio show in LA on Wild 1 Radio another in Vancouver, Canada – Save On Radio and another show in Cape Town, South Africa on Beat Bangaz Radio. 

Check out past shows and dope interviews with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop, scroll to the bottom!

RADIO SHOWS on a Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday!


Westside: every Sunday 7-10pm UK / 2-5pm EST / 11-2pm PST

1st Sunday: Drez

2nd Sunday: Drez

3rd Sunday: DJ D-Zine

4th Sunday: Drez

Itch FM: every Monday 8-10pm UK / 3-5pm EST / 12-2pm PST

1st Monday: Mr Gizmo & Drez 

2nd Monday: DJ Madhandz

3rd Monday: DJ Trix

4th Monday: DJ Paydro          


Beat Bangaz Radio: every Tuesday 7-8pm UK /2-3pm EST / 11-12pm PST / 9-10pm CAT (Africa)

Every Tuesday: Mr Fix

Wild1 Radioevery Wednesday 6-7pm UK / 1-2pm EST / 10-11am PST

Every Wednesday: Mr Fix

Save On Radio: every Thursday 9-10pm UK / 4-5pm EST / 1-2pm PST

Every Thursday: Mr Fix

Pharcyde TV:  every Thursday 8-9pm UK / 3-4pm EST / 12-1pm PST and again on Sunday 12-1pm UK / 7-8am EST / 4-5am PST

Every Thursday & Sunday: Mr Fix

Vibesolate FM: every Saturday 11:00pm-12:00am UK / 6-7pm EST / 3-4pm PST

Every Saturday: Mr Fix 

Here are some of the interviews we have done. Click below.



We play all that good stuff from yesteryear & more. Take a trip down memory lane….

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