Slick Rick causes classroom controversy 

A parent at a school in Virginia was angered that lyrics from a track from Slick Rick’s classic debut album, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, were used in her son’s classroom. Ashley Ehrhardt said that her son’s substitute teacher used Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” as part of his lesson plan, and is livid.Ms. Ehrhardt reached out to a local news station to inform them of the substitute teacher using the lyrics as part of class participation exercise:

“Escaped alive though the car was battered / Rat-a-tat-tatted and the cops scattered / Ran out of bullets and still he had static / Grabbed a pregnant lady and pulled out the automatic.”

The Mother (Ehrhardt) feels that the song was inappropriate for the sixth graders and questioned if school officials knew of or approved the teacher’s use of the rap lyrics. Suffolk Public Schools officials have since released a statement. 

‘A parent contacted the JFKMS principal on Friday (Dec 16) concerned about the passage some sixth-grade teacher had used earlier in the week.  The principal met with those teachers to discuss how it was inappropriate, and they agreed it should not have been used during the lesson. School administrators will more closely monitor their lesson plans, supplemental materials, and assignments,” read the official statement from the school system.

The school’s information officer said the lesson was to illustrate the use of figurative language but urged that it wouldn’t have had school approval.

Slick Rick was born in the UK and moved to the USA at an early age. He is Hip-Hop royalty and has recently returned back to the UK to tour, selling out multiple venues. I wonder what The Ruler’s thoughts are on this classroom controversy? 

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